Saturday, 10 September 2011

Rollercoaster ride

What a week it has been!

Just before my boys broke up for the summer hols, my husband and I discussed moving them from the local rural village school, into the much larger scarier town school about 9 miles away.  After much to-ing and fro-ing, tears and stress I took the decision to move them.  So this week my two older boys started their new schools and I don't feel like my feet have touched the floor since. 

Previously, the boys were conveniently picked up by the school minibus from the top of our drive and returned in the easy I can tell you.  Now I travel in and out from town and once I get home it feels like I get about three things done and then I am back on the road again. 

To most, I guess is sounds like we have done the unimaginable, but for us and our family it has definitely been the right move (if I keep saying it, it might sink in!!)  Our middle boy is happy as larry, not a lot fazes him as he is class clown and very laid back.  Our oldest is taking more time, but has a few new friends and so many amazing opportunities for him in the new school.  The littlest will start in January and I feel sure he will be happy and confident in such a good school with excellent resources.  New beginnings are always a bit daunting, but sometimes hanging on to the familiar because it is comfy and convenient is not the way to go.

On a far less philosophical note..........crochet.........

With great enthusiasm I signed up for the one-a-day challenge set up by gingerbread girl and then with all the organisational skills of a.......very disorganised person........... I missed the start! 

I have decided to do the Sunnyspread throw from ravelry and have spent some time pondering colours for the person it is intended for.  I did show you a square I made up in a yellow ochre cotton.........

But felt a little wobbly about the colour, I loved it, but felt it might be a little strong for someone else.  So rather cautiously, I chose a very pale lilac, far safer and neutral.  ............maybe one day I will make an goldy coloured one for myself........truly sunny.

Anyway I did the second square on a 5 hook (the pattern calls for a 6) but felt it was a bit gappy, so I have settled on doing it on a 4 hook so it is a little tighter.  Each square takes a little over half an hour, so should be do-able and as long as I am disciplined, I will have a tick off my Christmas present list in a couple of months!

I have just about finished off my sock monkey, ready for my Year of Projects post tomorrow.........

..........and...........long awaited and much anticipated, the ball of red has arrived! 
 I will be striping again soon!


  1. Yay! Another Sunny Spread :) I love the gold version ALOT but the lilac version is very pretty too.

    Thanks for joining in with One a Day!

  2. I love this square another project on my to do list,lol. Deb xxxx

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blanket...I must say, I do like the orange square but I think its because I am drawn to bright is a very neat square pattern and cant wait to see it progress! Shall follow your blog to see the lovely things you will make :)

  4. So ambitious to take on an afghan! I love the orange color, but then I am a fan of bright!!!

  5. Love that square!!! I too am drawn immediately to the golden colour one but then I love bright colours and not everyone does. I'm sure it would look great in any colour as the pretty stitches speak for themselves!

    Hope you and your family are adjusting to your new school and routine. You've obviously done what is best for your family and it will all fall into place soon I'm sure :)

    Can't wait to see that lovely red yarn in your Granny Stripe blanket!!
    Take care
    Louise xx

  6. i love that lavender color. then again, i am in a purple phase...i find myself being drawn to it and have NO idea why! it will be gorgeous!!

  7. I love the sunny spread throw and both colours are just gorgeous! I'm sure the lucky recipient is going to be thrilled to get it! :)

  8. I love the yellow but I guess you're right in that it's not to everyones taste so doing it in a paler colour is probably best, but definitely make yourself a yellow one :-)


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