Saturday, 17 September 2011

Woolly things

Saturday morning, spent with lots of wool..........

It's all change here, down on the farm and some of our ladies are going to be boarding a lorry next week to the hillier Anglesey countryside..........I'm not sure all of ours speak welsh, so I wonder how they will cope?

We were a busy crew this morning, hubby, three boys, fuzzy haired lady (me) and Ned (dog). Ned to all intent and purpose is reportedly a sheepdog, but we know better.  I have a feeling he is actually a little scared of the ladies, especially when they stamp their feet at him.  Sometimes he works like a dream and the sheep all come into the pen easily, most of the time he is far too excited by the quad to actually be listening to any instructions.

You will never see Ned on the sheepdog trials currently on tv in the UK.

Our sheep are actually magic, as they don't need shearing and shed any wool that they get over the winter when the weather gets warmer in the spring.  The birds in our area have the luxury of pure sheepwool lined nests, taken from the fences and hedges, so everyone is happy!

The week has been a busy one, still not quite in routine of the school runs, but I have taken up crocheting on the go, which so far is quite good.  I need to find a little bag to put a small project in to keep safe.  I made a square yesterday for my sunnyspread, only to realise I didn't have a scissors with me, so ended up having to pull the other end of the ball to start another.  I struck up conversation with a few at the pool yesterday while trying to get a few rows done on my second all is well in my crocheting world.

On the subject of both wool and crochet, I wanted to point you all in the direction of Little Woollie who has the most gorgeous giveaway at the moment for this cushion.  I must admit to agreeing with others who say they are telling people through gritted teeth, as the more of you who visit, the less likely I will win it!  Check out the amazing blanket that Jules has been making is absolutely stunning.

Anyway, gotta run.......have an impatient husband 'tutting' in the kitchen and tescos awaits........lucky me!!  I will be back tomorrow with my Year of Projects update.

Until then, happy Saturday all!


  1. Sounds like you have had a busy time, hope your ladies will get on with the welsh ones :)
    If I were Ned, I would be a bit scared too since there is lots more ladies than him he he.

    Ahhh crochet on the go is amazing, I take crochet on the train with me, usually projects that don't require me to change wool or anything :) keep it simple.

    I have also put myself in for that cushion, as her work is amazing!!

    Look forward to reading your YoP post tomorrow

  2. Ah, Ned the wonder-dog - he sounds a bit gorgeous to me.
    That cushion is just lush, isn't it? I simply cannot keep up with how many things are on my 'want to make' list!
    Emily x

  3. Sorry, I am LOLing at your reluctant sheepdog. Not much has made me laugh this week, so thank you!


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