Sunday, 18 September 2011

Year of projects (wk5)

This week I have been mostly................chasing my tail!

As previously mentioned, crocheting-on-the-go has become my new best friend.

I am still to work out the finer details, discovering on my first venture into this new world that I was completely unprepared.

I need a bag.
I need some mini-scissors.
I need to make sure it is a light place....otherwise, I could try a head torch?

Do you reckon I could carry it off?

Oh Granny stripe, how I love thee...........

I have finished the second run of 17 colours and I am still loving every minute.  I am going to stop showing pictures now, for fear of boring you all, but do know that I am striping away and enjoying every moment.

My one-a-day pile is gradually growing

This project is perfect for mobile crocheting (mo-cro?) so will easily be finished for Christmas, as intended.

Ah, the socks........I've started to really stress that I am not going to be able to re-create a second one to match the first, so I have picked them back up and am determined to get them done and dusted.  Admittedly I didn't quite understand the pattern when I did the heel, so I made it up myself you with lots of experience will be saying 'well, that's ok, as obviously you wrote down what you did.'...........hhhhmmmmm, herein lies the problem..............

So there we have it.  I have been thinking on extending my list, and will soon, but as it stands my feet hardly touch the ground during the day due to new school runs so it will have to wait a little longer.

I am really looking forward to sitting now with a cup of tea and reading what all you clever people have been up to.  For more 'Year of project' blogs, look here.

Have a great and productive week!


  1. Love the colors in your stripes. Long ago before we had such cool tools as lights on hats, we were without electric. Twas Christmas time and I was madly trying to finish a present. Hubby use duct tape to tape a flashlight to my ball cap. lol

  2. OMGOsh! Your Granny stripe is just beautiful like a bright rainbow of smiles. Love it!
    What intricate squares for One-a-Day.
    Are those crocheted socks? Really? OMGOsh! Super neat-o cool!

  3. Oh your stripes would never get old, and as I mentioned before crochet on the go is awesome...I did more of my secret YoP while traveling on the train today!!

    Ooooo crochet socks, complicated things...maybe I shall try that when I have more experience he he.

  4. oh no, don't stop showing us the granny stripe - it looks so happy and cheery :)

    good luck remembering your sock heel - i'm sure it'll turn out great

  5. Love that granny stripe- very cheery! And crochet on the go sounds very interesting...
    Great socks too.
    Have great week.

  6. What a beautiful, beautiful granny stripes! I love your sunshine squares and socks too.

    LOL at mo-cro! I'm afraid to say that I just bung whatever I'm working on into a plastic zip-loc, along with my second-best scissors.

  7. If it's any comfort, when I make things up as a I go along I tend to make it up exactly the same way on the second time through! Fingers crossed it works for you.

  8. That granny stripe is gorgeous. I love those colours.
    Anne xx

  9. You'll never bore me with granny pictures - I love your blanket and the colours are just so ...... bright & gorgeous. Also love your socks - what yarn are you using for them? Good luck with the other heel.

  10. Aaaah crochet on the go, I love it too. It is so great to crochet in "lost" moments. In the car, in the train, waiting for something or visiting my granny (she loves it when I crochet, she finds it sedative). Although visiting my granny is not a lost moment! haha.

  11. Your granny stripe is looking fabulous

  12. The granny stripe looks fab, and your one a day stack is huge! As for the sock, I'm sure it will turn out ok :).

  13. I'm loving the granny stripe, don't stop showing us pictures more please, they brighten my day. And the weather here is terrible today not sure where spring has gone so they need some brightening. I crocheted my granny stripe on the go and it was great, I do so much of my crochet on the go, waiting for the kids, in the car (Mr C driving of course) and I use to do a lot on the train to work and home. Most of my granny stripe was done on the train. I was tempted to start asking people if they wanted a blanket for their laps so I could keep crocheting on the train when it got to big lol. But I figured I was already the crazy crochet lady I better not make it worse lol

  14. Ok, I just want to say I LOVE your granny stripe blanket and would NEVER get bored of seeing it's colourful, stripy, yarny, goodness!!! More pics please!!! hehe :)

    After seeing your comment on my recent post I am absolutely going to try the banana bread recipe!! I didn't even realise it was in there - must have totally missed it! Doh! Thank you :)

    Hope your week isn't to frantic with the busy school runs, keep on hooking!!!! :)

    Louise xxx


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