Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One-a-day - Tuesdays tallies (wk2)

Well, quite honestly I'm in a bit of a dash......school and tescos, but which order depends on how quickly I get out of the house.  I would certainly prefer to do shopping without three boys' assistance.  Hubby is poorly, littlest is definitely not right and has whined most of the morning (unlike his normal smiley-self) and I have a pre-cold achey neck and sore head...............hhhmmmm, I am going to stock up on all things mediciney (it is a word you know) now and be prepared.  Shame of it is, that littlest is three this thursday and my lovely Dad is 80 on sunday, so we need to kick whatever cold/bug this is, in to touch in 24hours.

Back on course, what you all tuned in for..........

I have hit double figures.........just!  This is going to be a beauty of a blanket even if I do say so myself!

Now for all you observant people, can you see the square with the obvious mistake?

Answers on a postcard...............

Looking forward to looking at all your progress when all three are tucked up in bed.........maybe it will be four with poorly hubby too.
Catch up with my fellow one-a-dayers here.


  1. Yay, double figures!

    All four of mine are full of snot at the moment, I hope yours feel better soon :)

  2. Awwww it really sucks this time of year where everyone starts being all ill and stuff.

    Your squares are looking good and I agree that it will look amazing as a blanket...though maybe its because I am new or not observant but i cant see the mistake he he.

    Take care and keep well

  3. I´m sorry to hear that you are not feeling well in the moment. My little one is also sneezing around the whole day.
    Mmm, I can´t see any mistake, your squares look all beautiful for me!
    Get well soon! Barbina

  4. Isn't it great to get to double figure's ? Hope you all feel better soon. Deb xxxx

  5. Hope your family start to feel better very soon. Blanket is going to be stunning, your squares are looking fab.

  6. It sure is going to be an AWESOME blanket. The pattern is gorgeous. Sending along some healing vibes to your family (muted ones so you don't catch our germs too). My one positive at being stuck in the house being sick has been that more knitting and crochet has been accomplished. On the down side, my poor garden is way behind schedule and my kids are lonely! :-(

    I promise that my square took on no SAND what so ever when it hopped into the crochet basket, so you can stop squeaming! LOL

    Hope everyone feels better! (((HUGS)))

  7. Honestly, no, I can never find the mistrakes even when I have the project sitting right in front of me. I am sure only the knitter/crocheter ever sees the mistakes. Your squares look great to me

  8. It does look beautiful. When are you going to start sewing them together? And how big will it be?
    Hope you all feeling better very soon and in time for celebrations.
    Kier x

  9. Love the look of the squares, it will look stunning! I have looked very well, but I cannot find the mistake. They look perfect to me!

  10. Hi Faith.. thanks for your kind comments on my blog.. Great to see someone doing the same pattern in cream...how big is yours going to be? I am using cotton too and spraying with water after pinning..leave in the sun (ha ha) to dry...does seem to 'tighten' them up a little.
    I agree with Alittlebitsheepish... I can't see any mistakes in your squares and as you saw from my blog, I can't spot them when I am looking at them either! Hope you are all feeling better now... :)x

  11. I hope you're all feeling much better soon! Your blanket is looking lovely - I really can't see the mistake though, lol!

  12. Hi Faith
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your comments, I am so loving this beautiful one a day blanket to be, such a gorgeous pattern indeed. I really hope you have managed t nip that pre-cold feeling in the bud, I have had it too these pst 2 weeks and have only managed to stave it off by a good night's sleep (I am a little night owl usually). Take care and I look forward to seeing the progress you make with your blankie xox

  13. I can't see any intakes at all, it just looks so elegant in its creamy glory.

  14. Hope all your poorly ones are feeling better. I think your blanket is looking wonderful. Judy x

  15. Nope I can't see the mistake either and I've been giving them a good hard look! Well done :-)


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