Thursday, 17 November 2011

Reasons to be cheerful!

It's Thursday, and I'm linking up with Planet Penny with my ..............

Reasons to be Cheerful!

I am in my element at the moment with my crochet projects, more WIPs than you could shake a stick at! Friends of ours had a baby a couple of days ago and I am busy making a blanket (my favorite past time!), the promise of another baby due in a month so an instant excuse to make another blanket! Christmas presents, snowflakes..........endless crochet...............

Anyway, avoiding all the crochet excitement, here are three reasons that I am cheerful.

Beautiful flowers from my Mum

My oldest son's class assembly this morning, he makes me soooo proud!

Learning new skills.....this one is almost ready for paint and glitter!

So there you have it........hope you have lots of Reasons to be Cheerful too...... if you do, why not join in with yours on Planet Penny's blog.....or if you need some more cheer in your life, go read others reasons for being cheerful, I'm sure it will put a smile on your face!


  1. I have serious crochet envy because I'm desperate to get back to it but must keep needlefelting until I've done my craft market! I LOVE that reindeer, soo clever! Hope to see him here when he's all sparkly!
    Thanks for joining in and spreading a little happiness! x

  2. Sound like your crochet heaven is good enough reason to be cheerful!!!
    Seeing my boys in their assemblies always brings a tear to my eye, it makes you remember how grown-up they are getting!!
    Your reindeer looks great, can't wait to see how you finish it.

  3. I just love new babies in the family, so cuddly and that new baby smell ahhhhh bliss :)
    Can't wait to see your blankets for them, lots of things for the to do list.
    Love the flowers, and how wonderful to see the assebly, they sure know how to make their mammas proud don't they !
    Oh wow to the new skill, I love any reason to use glue and glitter ;-)

  4. Gorgeous flowers, you are lucky!!! Ohh Im loving that reindeer- do share how you made him I bet my kids would love to have a go at something like that!xx

  5. Hurrah for endless crochet!!
    That reindeer looks amazing

  6. Now where is your boy in that picture? You are just a crocheting fool! I wish I had your energy...well, I do, but I reserve it for eating Peanuts. :)

  7. Hi, Faith! Thanks for visiting. Love the reindeer - can't wait to see it when it's finished. And the picture of your son's class - so sweet!

  8. Well, it made me smile! Lovely things to be cheerful about!

    Pomona x

  9. Hi Faith...your posts always make me feel happy...I can't wait to see that reindeer finished...and to see your snowflakes as I am just battling with one at the moment..:)x

  10. Your reindeer is so lovely! And that's before you've covered him in glitter and sparkle! Vanessa xxx

  11. I think everyone would appreciate a reindeer tutorial. I know I would!

    I'm buried in Christmas crochet too, and loving it. Slippers are the big project this year.

    Beautiful flowers! I don't know which boy is yours, but I especially like the one on the left who is singing his heart out.


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