Sunday, 13 November 2011

Year of projects (wk13)

I'm feeling quite bright and breezy today.

..............not sure projects............walking in the hills yarn..........hhhhmmmmm.....................

Well, first things part of this and my One-a-day project I have been doing a sunnyspread throw, and last night I finished it..........finally!

I had been having a little crisis with my ongoing 'will I/won't I have enough cotton?'  Well it turned out to be both really.

I just got finished the fourth round of edging and realised with the mini bit left (about 4m!) I wasn't going to be able to do the final rounds of SCs.

The edging was beyond tedious, but made worse by the fact that I had bought a new pattern and the yarn to go with!

So I steamed on ahead and started the new .......blanket!....... (who knew that I would do another blanket!!)

This isn't quite as bright as the photo suggests, but has a more rich palette than my normal brights.

Having gone at this full steam ahead, I just couldn't get my head around the pattern....I hasten to add that this was after 11pm.............funny how when I picked it up this morning it all made sense!

The pattern is quick and simple, so this is not a long-termer.

Also in the mix.........having given up on the idea of sock monkeys for my youngest nephews, I've started on the first of two snakes.  Mindless crochet without a pattern seemed like a good idea until I realised that my twin nephews will argue if their snakes are different.

Hill walking yesterday.

Anyway, that's how my week has been going.........looking forward to seeing how yours is going too. 

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  1. wow! look at the view of the rugged and hilly landscape on your walk- wonderful!
    like the colours of your wool projects ;0)x

  2. It is funny you finish up a one color Sunny Spread (which is beautiful by the way) and move right into a multi-color blanket! Can't wait to see your progress as it continues on that one!

  3. I really like the new multi-colored blanket. The colors are great.

  4. Love the pattern of that new blanket! Also love your rolling hills. I'm sorry, I forgot. Where is it you are? You are so industrious...I would probably still be on week 1. :)

  5. Oh I love love love your one a day blanket, it looks so fab and well done on getting it complete.
    Who'd have guessed you'd start another blanket.. lol, having said that I love your colour palette for it and will really enjoy this taking shape. What yarn are you using for it ?
    11pm makes the most simplest of patterns seem totally tricky, amazing really lol.
    I hope you get both your snakes to match and I love your hill walking picture it looks so gorgeous.

  6. The complete Sunny Spread! Fantastic! It looks great.. and it looks as if you blocked every step of the way which makes me wonder why I bothered :)
    A new blanket.. it's a bit different from all the ripples I keep seeing...I really like it... and very scrummy colours too. I really think I am at my most creative after 11pm...well usually after 12 really... I could crochet all night...but I always regret it in the morning :)x

  7. Your Sunny Spread is beautiful, really beautiful. Your new project looks like fun too :)

  8. Oh that sunny spread blanket is just beautiful! Stunning.

  9. loving both your blankets, although not sure i would be brave enough to make a white throw!

  10. You are certainly keeping your hooks busy! Loving these projects, Faith. Just beautiful!

  11. Love everything you're making/made here!!!
    In particular- the snake looks fantastic!!!

  12. Ah your blanket is beautiful Faith... Such pretty detail and the cream was a great choice!!
    I am VERY much looking forward to seeing your progress on your new project too...I am a colour junkie!!! Lol

    Glad to hear you are feeling chirpy today....It's catching I think...after reading your lovely post!! :)

  13. Wow, your Sunnyspread looks beautiful and very elegant.
    I am in love with your new blanket, it reminds me of one by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas that I've been looking at. Those colours are going to look stunning. Is it a present or for you?

    I always make mistakes after 10.30 and then wonder why I didn't just leave it to the next day! Can't wait to see the snakes, that is a great idea for presents.

  14. Your sunnyspread is just beautiful! The new one looks like fun too :)

  15. The sunny spread looks great and I love the new blanket so far too!

  16. Wow you have been working fast, your sunny spread looks amazing it doesnt look like it needed another round anyways and I really like the design of your new ripplish throw too! Are those hills close to where you live? Looks very remote!

  17. Each WIP is so lovely ... I bet you're enjoying all your projects!

  18. Your sunnyspread throw is beautiful. Love the feel and vibe it gives. I could totally see it in a posh, store window draped across a bassinet.

    Love that vintage crochet pattern. I favored it; what a great rec.

  19. Well done for finishing the first blanket, it's really pretty. And I love the new blanket you've started, it's gorgeous!


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