Saturday, 26 November 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

You know............. it occurs to me today......... that if dust looked like glitter we'd all find less need to clean.......

Today I am again linking up with planet penny with my

Reasons to be Cheerful

This week saw the culmination of some family Christmas crafting for middle boy's school fayre.

Two hours in a hot and busy school hall and all my fears were proven incorrect and we 'sold, sold, sold'

I am totally inspired by new skills I learnt and when I finish all my other jobs (kidding myself?) I will make some reindeers for our house.

Christmas hot pads scenting my house with cloves and cinnamon.
( a quick make for the boys' old school Christmas fayre)


As much as I've enjoyed my stint of crafting with the boys for the school fayre, I'm so glad it's done, glittered and sold....I am shattered and so looking forward to guilt free lounging on the sofa this weekend!

We're going to head outdoors this afternoon to appreciate our wonderful surroundings.......... breathing it all..........storing up lots of happy memories that we will dine out on for years to come!

What are your reasons to be cheerful?

Do go see other people's reasons for being cheerful and maybe join in yourself?


  1. What wonderful reasons to be cheerful!! My reasons include having five luxurious days to relax and enjoy with my family and extended family. We, too, will venture out today and take a long hike preceded by a cafe lunch. Enjoy!

  2. The Goatmother loves the little stars! And, she says she is going to adopt your very profound thoughts about dust and carry it a bit further - we shall just tell people the dust is glitter. What? You can't see it???? Must be the light. :) Happy Cheerful! Hope you got to relax!

  3. I love the idea of sparkly dust, my house would look like fairyland! Thanks so much for joining in! x

  4. Oh I do love a bit of glitter, I'm a sparkly girl at heart. Your crafts look lovely, I bet they sold really well.

  5. of course they sold- they are gorgeous!!!
    Love the glitter idea

  6. Lovely Faith, I adore your reindeers so much and well done to you and your boys for all that hard word and fun sparkly craftiness. You definitely deserve to put your feet up and have a lovely relaxing chilled weekend.
    I love what you said about glitter being dust...if only :0)

    Please show us more beautiful photo's of your surroundings, really magical xox

  7. You deserve some lounging to recover! What is it with kids and glitter... Mine love it too. Great idea with the hotpads I'll have to remember that (sadly too much else on the go to make them any time soon!). Have a great day! Jxx

  8. What a glorious sunset! If dust be glitter, my house is fairly sparkling with it. The bookshelves in particular...

    Enjoy your hard-earned sofa lounging. Even crafting can get tedious after a while. What pretty things you and your children have made.


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