Sunday, 20 November 2011

Year of projects (wk14)

Christmas is drawing in and on Thursday next week we have middle boy's Christmas fayre which we have been crafting's not like me, but I've found this really stressful.  Both my older boys transferred schools in September and I feel like we've all been on a bit of a campaign to get every one's approval (probably also because it caused quite a stir when we left the little village school.)

Anyway, next week I will hopefully be revealing a small offering of glittery Christmas makes from the fair hands of all three of my boys (and even my husband too on occasion, this goes to show the level of dedication in this house!)

So crochet? There's been a good bit of that too...........
Went off track a little this week after some friends had their first baby.

I made this with stylecraft, however the stitch and colour I think make it look like it was made with expensive yarn.  I worked two colours at once with a size nine hook. Just plain old single crochet, with I think, nice results.

I've also been making a hat for my father-in-law as they are away for Christmas so presents are being done and wrapped now........not entirely sure what he will do with a snuggly woolly hat in S.Africa though!

This is a Robin wool mix and it's gorgeous, so soft and warm. I can't say I am otherwise taken with Robin as I find it to be a little squeaky?

I've been hooking various portable projects too, on the school run etc.... So I've kept myself busy!

Yesterday we all went out for a walk around the local lily ponds. After walking through wooded paths there is a wonderful beach........I'm afraid I don't believe that anyone else lives in a prettier place than I do.......can't be possible!

The boys walked their legs off and I must say last night I was finding it difficult to crochet with heavy eyes!

Do you know.....I feel quite overwhelmed by all of my bloggy friends.....who knew when I started all this, I would feel like I do now! I sooo appreciate the compliments, the inspiration, the giggles.......thank you so much to all you lovely fellow crafters and make this Little Welsh girl very happy indeedy!

To check out other lovely Year of Projects work.....see ravelry here.


  1. Ahw, you make us happy too! :) And yes, you're right. You live in the most beautiful place in the world, period!

  2. I am in love with that blanket, what a great idea, I simply must make one of these very soon so I've pinned it!
    My bloggy friends make me smile to, it's great to feel part of a community as co-operative, helpful and funny as this one.
    Hope your eyes can stay open for more Christmas crafting tonight, I'm trying hard not to panic about mine now.

  3. Hi Faith
    Blogging friends are the best, it's such a wonderful community of women encouraging and up lifting each other. Thank you for all your kind words on my blog. I feel overwhelmed at how generous people are when you can be honest and be yourself on your blog. I'm feeling so much better today and look forward to continue going onwards and upwards.

    Love your snuggly hat, I'm sure your FIL will appreciate wearing it when he gets off the plane in the UK on his return :0)

    As for where you live... well I'm speechless. Keep showing us more of these beautiful parts xox Blessings for you and your family this coming week x Penelope

  4. oh my word, no wonder you do such beautiful crafting when you live in such a perfect place! Good luck with the Christmas Fayre too. I love your blog :)

  5. Hooks afire! Go Faith, Go!!!!! You're amazing!

  6. Looks like you live in the second most beautiful place on earth, next to where I live of course! Love the blanket you crocheted; the colour combinations are very effective.

    And from what I recall, in most parts of SA the winters can be quite chilly - I think the hat will be appreciated come May or June!

  7. I love when you get the right stitch for the right color yarn and make an item like this that looks more expensive than it is!

  8. Thats adorable that your whole family pitches in with the crafting!!!!
    I would agree- that scenery is stunning!
    Hope the Christmas Fayre goes well- I love what you've made this week!!
    I also feel the same way about the bloggy world- I would never have thought I would write a blog- let alone derive so much pleasure from it!!

  9. I love your photos- such beauty!!
    AND gorgeous crochet blanket and hat too.
    Have a lovely week.

  10. aww you put a smile on my face too. B started prep this year and feeling the need to fit in with the other mummy's can be quite overwhelming, so I know what you mean I just realised I'm not in high school anymore (hehe) and I have an amazing family who already think I'm wonderful I don't need other mummy's to tell me too. But I will tell you that I think your an amazing, talented, inspiring person, I'm so glad you found my blog so I in turn could visit you. xx

  11. Hi Faith,

    Can't wait to see all your wonderful glittery fayre and I'll bet it goes down a treat with everyone.
    Love the stylecraft, the colours in it remind me of the sea.
    I'm not sure either what your father in law will need a sunggly hat for in S. Africa but I bet he sure will appreciate it when he gets back to the UK lol.
    Love the pictures and how cute are your boys. You sure do live in a beautfiul place but you know I think my place is more beautiful rofl ;-p... looking forward to next week :D

  12. The blanket looks fab! I had to click on it to see it bigger, and you're right, it looks like 'nicer' yarn - very pretty indeed.

    I love your photos - you really do live in a beautiful place xxxxx

  13. You certainly do live it a very picturesque spot- lovely photos too. I like the baby blanket and even though I dont know the yarn it looks very pretty!

  14. I love the baby blanket - beautiful colours that go so well with sc. There are some beautiful places in the world and yours is certainly one of them !! It looks so peaceful. Thanks for sharing. xoxox

  15. Hi Faith. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm loving your photography skills and your baby blanket is beautiful. Lynda x

  16. Your photos look really lovely, you certainly do live in a beautiful part of the world.
    Both of your project are gorgeous, and I bet the recipients will love them.
    Can't wait to see all of your Christmassy fayre creations, I think its great that your family have worked on them together.

  17. Your boys are lovely - they look such a handful too! :) And what a stunning part of the country you are in.

    Wish I could go to South Africa for Christmas - your FIL is a lucky man - and he will definitely want that woolly hat when he gets home - the change from warm weather to cold will blow his socks off.

  18. Love that photo of your boys walking along that bridge; you should frame that for the hallway.
    Love the bebe blanket. The colorway gives it snazz and yes, it looks like you used expensive yarn. What great durability it will have for that little one.
    I like how you're appreciative of your audience!

  19. The blanket is beautiful! I really love reading your blog. I am a lone crafter (crocheter) as everyone I know wouldn't dream of making anything themselves. having the blogging community makes me feel like I belong somewhere!


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