Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blue skies and KALs

Well, these Easter Holidays are turning out well.  The sun has been shining for the past few days, and we've got out and enjoyed it. 

Chester has been treated to some lovely beachy walks with three boys to keep him busy....and then flaked out infront of the rayburn for the rest of the day.  His running really isn't that of a graceful sprinter, as his puppy legs still don't have a huge amount of co-ordination and seem to splay out in all directions!

In crafty news, I've decided to join in with Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch and Nat of Misadventures in Craft in their Stripe Study Shawl knit-a-long.  I fancy a little knitting project, something to stretch my beginner skills.

I thought that an inspiring trip to the LYS was the way to go, but soon found that it was not meant to be, after struggling with a wild six year old, a tantrum-ing three year old and a stroppy nine year old  only to find it closed.

Having a strong stubborn streak and determined not to be put off, I decided to have a rethink and look at what I had at home. 

I found quite a lot of four-ply but the colour I really wanted was half  a shawl, that to be honest I had had a serious disagreement with (as I didn't really remember where I was in the pattern repeat).  Soooo, some frogging and winding later, problem solved and I was casting on.

Now this shawl promises to be straight forward and an easy pattern to follow, so how come I  ripped it back twice....three times before I got the correct number of stitches?  Hubby said to me last night 'I thought you knitted because it was relaxing?'

.......well, I think I am at last on track and it is indeed, a nice pattern, I think I am just over-thinking it all.....or maybe I'm just a little blonde!

purple yarn is Life 4-ply from stylecraft
sock yarn is from Knitglobal

I must admit, as much as my first love is crochet, I am loving knitting it normal to hold your breath when you count up the number of stitches when you finish a row?  

It is maybe a little brighter than I might have first gone for, but I think as the larger panels of purple start to work in, it will be better balanced (well, thats the theory anyhoo!)

I have to say....looking at the rest of Veera Valimaki's designs, I think I may be doing another after this one and then I can change gear on the colours.

Well, my tummy is starting to rumble which must mean we are nearing lunch time, so I will bid you all a fond farewell and go organise  lunch.

I hope you are all enjoying a sunshiney week too!xxx


  1. Glad the hols went well least you managed a little sunshine.. we did too, but only before 10am! are a braver man than me Gungadin! (ummm...where DOES that expression come from? Have you heard it before? I looked at the Study Shawl KAL...and much as I love shawls and KALS... the site of those circular needles and asymmetrical stripes put me off.. I am just not up to I am very impressed to see you doing it so beautifully. Good luck with it... I shall be waiting.. not quite holding my see it finished... Hugs, Jill x

  2. Dear Faith, I know knitting a bit and I like crochet so much. But when I saw your knit I decided to begin knitting again. The yarn colors are so beautiful and very pastel. I like it so much. I am waiting the result. Best days..

  3. Its great weather this Easter hols and is wonderful for getting out and about in.
    I love the shawl but just didn't have enough time at the moment to take it on but I wish you the best of luck with it and I love your colour and yarn choice. It will be no bother to you. :)

  4. ive been looking at that shawl...i always look at shawls. and like them. but i have a hard time seeing myself using it! i think it will look LOVELY on you! keep us posted!

  5. Not a lot of sunshine here. :( The beginnings of your shawl look wonderful. As for the frogging ... I thought that was how you were supposed to knit! :)

  6. I joined the KAL too, but next to your colors, mine look bland and boring! :D Can't wait to see what your shawl looks like when you made more stripes.

  7. It is really pretty, I love the colors. I can't wait to see the whole thing.

  8. Your post made me giggle - your hubby's remark was spot on. Love your determination and finding such lovely yarn in your stash.

  9. I like the colours. Even though its taken three times to get right do you feel more relaxed now it is? I too have trouble with children at LYS... today I also had hubby in tow which actually made it worse (I had three moaning at me to hurry up) and I couldnt decide so left without a bean :( Nevermind Ive probably got enough on my plate as it is without starting something new!

  10. oh now that shawl is going to be mighty pretty...beautiful colours.
    Be careful on the longer rows, maybe you should plan a breath half way through...don't want you fainting mid row!
    have a super lovely weekend
    love jooles x

  11. Such pretty colours, it will look amazing. I am so enjoying watching lots of my bloggy friends undertaking this pretty project!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful yarn! I love the purple with the rainbow-y sock yarn.

    Now you've got me wondering if I hold my breath (or not) when counting stitches.

  13. That's beautiful! I love those colours together. The pattern is great, if I didn't have so much queued at the moment I'd be all over that KAL. Your Easter looks beautiful :)


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