Sunday, 22 April 2012

Year of projects 22.04.12 (+ lots more!)

I have a feeling that this post could be lengthy......I have lots to remember, so if you think I've forgotten something at the end, can you remind me?

First and foremost, is a catch up on my project.....

I have now completed my 12th stripe and have just got to put the border on....I say just.....but as the shawl has grown, it is becoming a long way round, so the border will not be a quick job.

I have to laugh, as Jill (from Stocki) said, 'I sense a ta-dah moment at the end of the week' on my last post, and although it was unachievable on my available knitting time, it still sent me in to stubborn mode....I might otherwise have only been on stripe nine....thanks Jill!  Maybe you should send some inspiring comments on my ironing pile!

I love the way the stripes radiate makes me think of rays of reds and oranges in a  beautiful sunset.

(when I picked this up off the floor after photographing it, I noticed that about 40 stitches had fallen off the needle....... with shaky hands and held breath (yes, I do hold my breath a lot during knitting!) I have put them back on, but two stitches have fallen out of themselves, so I will probably be spending hours this evening trying to work out what to do!)

If you would like to see other Year of Project work, pop over to our Ravelry page here.

Onwards and upwards........

We all took a walk up some local mountains (although some may say they are hills!) yesterday and it was absolutely glorious.........the boys ran around full of silliness and the dogs joined in too!  The weather was clear enough so you could see for miles........

The intrepid mountaineers

So what else is going on, I hear  you ask....those of you still listening to my dulcet tones.....well, tomorrow marks the beginning of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and I will be blogging each day on the given subject....I am looking forward to the challenge (it will be a challenge to work out how I will fit it in the day!).....I have some thoughts....... but most of them revolve around me being on a sun lounger in the Bahamas whilst being waited on hand and foot.........we will see what materialises........

The most exciting piece of news I think, is that I will be going to my first Wool Show.....I am beyond excited and keep asking hubby if it is just some elaborate joke!  We are all setting out, boys and all, to Builth Wells to Wonder Wool 2012........if anyone else is attending, I will be the slightly insane looking lady, with fuzzy hair, three unruly boys and bored looking hubby in tow!

I think, when I get back, I will have a little celebratory giveaway for all my lovely readers, with something carefully picked out from the show..........what d'you think?  Good excuse?


  1. Have a great time at the wool show. Sounds like some excitement to be had.

    The shawl is great and I too love the way the stripes radiate out. You are almost there and I for one, can not wait to see the FO next week!

  2. How fun! And how nice that the menfolk in your family are coming with you. The shawl is so pretty. I would cry if the stitches fell out. I am such a novice knitter that when that happens to me, I frog. Which is why I have Zero completed knit projects. Lol. Have a great time at the Wool show. I envy you.

  3. Oh I just love your shawl its so pretty and your so right on the stipes. If the stitches dropped on me I'd get a crochet hook and bring the stitches up row by row.
    Your mountaineers look great, all they need now is the Welsh flag to claim the top lol... I can hear my Ruairí shout I'm the King of the Castle if he were there lol.
    I hope you have a great time at the show, how exciting.

  4. The shawl is growing so fast, even if it isn't a ta-da yet. I recognize holding your breath, I panic when a stitch drops. I still have to figure out how to fix mistakes, in crochet it is so much simple. You mess up, just do the stitch again. Just one stitch on one hook, oh how I love crochet!! I am, with only knitting projects on the go hahahahha.

    Have fun at the show and a giveaway, yes please!

  5. Those stripes really do seem to radiate! It's gorgeous!

    Here's how my ironing pile works: any item that needs ironing, is given to the local charity shop. Wash and wear only around here. A few things do okay if I just let them tumble a few minutes on their own and then hang them up immediately. Life's too short for ironing!

  6. I love the colours in your shawl, it looks great. And with your determination, I bet you can get it finished this week (and the ironing as well!)

  7. The shawl looks fabulous so far! So sorry to hear about the dropped stitches, but I'm glad most were rescued.

  8. A wool show sounds wonderful. Your little guys are so cute! And I HATE dropping stitches off a knitting needle - I can never tell if I'm picking them up twisted or not until I start to knit again. This is why I prefer to crochet. :)

    P.S. Ironing is overrated. I tend to spritz things and smooth them with my hands.

  9. I missed this one Faith...Gawd knows's not like me to miss one of your posts! I'm glad I got you all fired up to get on with the shawl.. maybe the Ta-dah is this next weekend then? :) Hugs, Jill x

  10. What a lovely post! I'm sure the 80/20 rule was derived from knitting - the last bit always takes the longest. Your photos are beautiful and I hope you loved WonderWool. One year I will go :)

  11. I hold my breath while crafting, too! Crazy, huh? I'm sure we would get more done if we just breeeeathed. Anyway, I also understand the time crunch thing with three boys running around all the time. I have two boys and a girl and they wear me out. Enjoy!


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