Thursday, 26 April 2012

Crafting my perfect day

I decided to go with the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week's wild card today, as a crafter I am totally frivolous and flighty and tend to make what ever catches my attention, so the day four subject   'A Crocheter for all Seasons' seemed wasted on my   'what's wrong with a scarf in summer?' attitude. perfect crafting day..............

Gosh.....this is harder than I thought......I guess I would like to wake up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep .....breakfast would be there waiting...rather like in a good hotel...... there would be a good selection to choose from...... continental, full English, pancakes....(you see that I  have to mention the food, as this is my perfect day!) 

On to the crafting...I know in reality, faced with a whole day stretching ahead of me, I would find it difficult to settle on one thing.......

So  in true flighty style, would probably dabble a bit with one thing until I was tired of it and then on to the next.

The beauty in my perfect day would be to have everything in reach of the sofa that I would remain parked on, and all my projects would be safe from cats, puppies or children waiting to unravel, chew, trip over the chaos, organised piles.

I would have a selection of dreadful girly films to choose from, a Wurlitzer full of my favourite music and a waiter within shouting distance to bring drinks as I required.

At some stage during the day, I would probably put down my crochet and take a small break to play some really crashy bangy music on the piano (Margarita Pracatan stylie)  and also have a quick stint infront of the easel painting a lovely sky.

I should say....all this lovely dreaming aside....I am extremely blessed to be able to stay home with my kids, to cook and  make our home comfortable......but there is something very appealing about the idea of ordering my own day, with no schedule, school runs and impending meal times to worry about.

This weekend I get to go to my first woolly festival.....WonderWool 2012 and I am off the scale excited about it....but the best bit will be experiencing it all with my three lovely boys and generous hubby .......oh and I believe they have an ice cream stand too!



  1. Oh definitely an ideal day Faith! I'm not sure you mentioned enough chocolate though, but I do like the idea of a waiter! Have a great time at WonderWool's a bit far for me, but sounds great....especially as it will be indoors! Hugs, Jill x

  2. What a lovely day ... sigh... :) You forgot the Peanuts though. I'm just sayin' ...

  3. I love that you skipped the seasons post, my husband thinks it highly funny that I'm finishing my blanket as we approach summer!! Such wrong timing.
    Your day sounds perfect (especially the food and the piano!),I agree with the flitting between things. With just one day you would need to get as much in as possible.
    Hope you have a fantastic day at WonderWool2012, can't wait to hear all about it! x

  4. Sounds like a great day! Plan it and make it can do that! But I bet you would get bored if you had a steady diet of it. I am retired and can do whatever I want (within reason...I try not to break any laws but at times I'm tempted as some are so stupid like the one where I can't have chickens...what's up with that?) but I find myself being pretty self disciplined most of the time. I've found it's all about balance in all things. Too much or too little of anything you love can throw it all out of balance...anyway, that's just my take on it and what do I know? LOL! Not much that's for sure! Have a great day and oh how I wish I could go to the Wooly Festival! I love wool anything! Have fun!
    P.S. Found you on Ravelry and I have that blanky in my queue now! I guess I need to buy more yarn...oh yeah! Thank you so much!

  5. Sounds like a good day to me!! LOVE the idea of everything handy from the sofa.... if I get to sit down for longer than 20 seconds in any one day, it's alot!!! lol xxx

  6. sounds like fun especially with the waiter on hand!
    enjoy your trip out this weekend
    love jooles x

  7. Yes indeed your day does sound quite perfect!

  8. oh damn, I forgot the waiter in my vision! Sounds great, can I come too? :)

  9. ...ah, but is there a beer tent? (At the woolly festival I mean).

    I was going to tackle the wild card topic today, but after reading your post and realizing that our ideal crafting days are nearly identical (except for the painting and piano crashing), I'm not so sure. Perhaps I'll just link to your post and write "What she said." :)

  10. A waiter, what a great idea! I should get one when I win the lotery ;-). Have fun at the wool festival!

  11. I'm going to, very exciting! I'll look out for you all.

  12. It sounds like a lovely day, especially the part about projects being safe from cats.


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