Saturday, 7 April 2012

Butterflies, bunnies, baking and brothers

Wow,  today has just been wonderful!  The sky was overcast and rainy this morning, but by this afternoon just in time for a family walk, the skies were blue and the sun was shining.

We've all been busy, I've been crocheting lots of new creations for Easter gifts......the butterfly will have arm straps put on tomorrow, ready for our youngest niece.

Chocolate cream egg cosies for the older nieces and nephews

Some less girly than others!

We have baked Easter chocolate sponge cakes and chocolate nests complete with mini chocolate eggs.

Well the spots have well and truly landed, and both big and little are now 'poxed'  Thankfully, apart from a few 'bleuugghhh' days, we so far have escaped fairly lightly.  Little has a good sprinkling and big, after feeling poorly, is almost pleased to see the first smattering of spots.


  1. your lil chocolate cakes look delish. :)
    Hope the lil ins are better soon, thankfully lil Mooey has had the pox and like you we got off pretty lightly.

  2. How wierd... I was just saying to my hubby today that chciken pox always strikes at Easter...and I hadn't seen any yet! Now I have...oh my goodness... poor little mites...and poor you...I well remember the itchy nights...At least you ca give them some lovely healing choccy this weekend! Happy Easter Faith and Family... Hugs, Jill x

  3. Oh no, not the Pox. Still, I must say that I felt so relieved that mine have had it when it struck nursery this year! It was almost worth the horror of them actually having it.
    I love your butterfly wings and your lovely egg cosies.

  4. Love your little Easter gifts, so cute, I love them.
    How yum do those cakes look ! and poor little ones down with pox, its never nice them having, our bigger four had them all at once and the youngest three yet to get them ! Hope their discomfort goes soon and they have a Happy Easter.

  5. How great you are getting all the spots over and done with! Now, don't you catch them! Love the 'wings' for the butterfly. :) Happy Easter!

  6. So many fun and lovely Easter creations. Sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend. My 13 year old has never had chicken pox, even when half his kindergarten class had it so many years ago. Sure hope he doesn't get them later on in life. Easter blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  7. I remember how cruddy I felt when I was sickening for the chicken pox - a long long time ago! Hope they get off lightly.

    Love the alien-looking egg cozy!

  8. Rotten old chickenpox! Good to get them out of the way while they are young though isn't it. Look at all those gorgeous crochet creations - you clever girl.

    Have a fab week hon.


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