Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Striped Study Shawl KAL

What a weird-weather day it has been today, I woke up to hailstones, then we progressed on to blue skies  and sunshine, we've recently had a downpour and now the sun is streaming through the windows......how is a girl supposed to know how best to dress???

Well here I am with an update of my shawl, and quite honestly (not wanting to moan) I don't want to go outside to photograph my shawl in the rain, but the sun is pouring in through our leaded-light (this sounds posher than the fake UPVC that they actually are) windows, and  I am getting shadows....

So there we have it, my 80cm circulars are making it impossible to photograph now, as it would be a big crumpled mess and me stressing about the stitches making a quick run for it, and diving off the ends.

I have done seven stripes now, there are five stripes to go, then a border of the multicoloured sock .... ..so I'm guessing there is at least a week left in it for me, with limited knitting time (unless I forgo my motherly duties of course!)

I am loving the knit, really simple to plod along with, and now I am back to good health there is no stopping me!  Thanks for all your get-well comments, I am soooo much better........yay!

Sarah, Crafts from the Cwtch has been reminding everyone of the Knitting and Crochet blog week that starts next week over at Eskimimi Makes, and this morning I've signed up too.....it sounds like a good challenge with lots to be inspired by.  Why not take a look and think about signing up too? This is the third year that it has been done (obviously the first time I have done it) and this year they have lovely  prizes connected to the different post challenges for each day.

Well, better go look out weather we are having now and plan my wardrobe accordingly!


  1. Hello Faith,
    Your shawl is looking pretty marvelous to me, I do love the colours you have chosen. I am sure you will get an opportunity to wear it before next winter! It feels very unseasonably cold here in the South East of England, especially after being in sunny SA! I look forward to seeing it finished. I'm off to read the rest of your posts I missed. Hope you have a fab week ahead xox Penelope

  2. LOVE the colors you've chosen for the shawl. It will be perfect for those in-between days, when it's too warm for a coat but not warm enough to go sleeveless!

  3. I love your shawl. I am so going to learn to know this year!
    I so wish I had time to going in with knitting and crochet blog week but i know i haven't I shall try and keep up with everyones progress tho.

  4. This is such a lovely design and your shawl is looking beautiful.

  5. I love your yarn choice - its going to be so pretty when it has that border!

    I started the 11th stripe tonight and only managed about 1/3 of it before bedtime so I also have at least a week left I think - its such a good pattern though, easy but still interesting, so I don't mind.

    As for your comment re Instagram, just upland your photo (by taking it with your iPad or saving it to your camera roll and uploading it from there) and then add #sssknitalong in the comment below it. Your pic will then show up in the knitalong "gallery" and collages :)

    So glad you're feeling better.

    Happy knitting


  6. It's coming along beautifully... I sense a weekend Ta-Dah from your corner of Bloggyland :)Hugs, Jill x

  7. It's looking fabulous - I love the colours you're using :)

    And be warned - the rows get reeeeaaalllly long pretty soon ;)

  8. Love the colors you use for the scarf! I am joining the fun too with blog week! I already have some inspiration but also still some things I have to come up with. Can't wait to see what you will write about.

  9. Completely understand not wanting to go out in the rain! It's looking lovely!

  10. Your shawl is coming on a treat! The colours are lovely .. looking forward to seeing the finished project.

    Hope you manage to squeeze in some more knitting.
    Fleur xx

  11. It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  12. That purple is just so luscious-looking. Can't wait to see the finished masterpiece!

  13. ooooh your shawl is looking mighty fine....they must be very long rows!
    have fun
    Have a super lovely weekend
    love jooles x


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