Sunday, 15 April 2012

Year of projects 15.04.12

At the beginning of the week I decided to jump on board with Sarah (Crafts from the Cwtch) and Nat's (Misadventures in Craft) Stripe Study Shawl KAL.....and I have to say in the beginning it took every ounce of concentration, but now it is straightforward and dare I say......enjoyable.  I use the term tentatively as yesterday when beginning some kind of lurgy and being a little sleep deprived (smallest boy being very sick in the night) I decided unwisely, to do some knitting and ended up stuffing up a few rows which I took a good half-hour to realise this morning.....typical......lots of ripping out and starting does seem to be a familiar theme when it comes to knitting and me!

Although I've obviously caught a sickness bug, I seem to have escaped with just horrible cramps and nausea, which is fine by me as I am not a fan of being sick.  I have done little else but lay about, and that has been about it.....

So here it is, I am five stripes in, each stripe taking gradually more time, so I guess I am a while off yet, and probably a bit behind everyone else.  But it is a relaxing knit (when you are running on all four cylinders)

Fallen by the way-side is my baby blanket (and I guess if I admitted it, lots of other half started projects) which I must fit some time in on, as the baby will be a teenager before he receives it!  I have to say I am liking the yarn for this pattern, it's very delicate.

Well, it sounds like the rabble have finished their roast, which I cooked but could not face, and once it has been cleared away, I may return to the kitchen, although the smell is making me feel a little wobbly. 

I think we may get some fresh air this afternoon, as outdoors is looking a lot more inviting than yesterday.

Looking forward to reading about all your progress later........thanks for your lovely comments, always soooo enjoyed.

Actually, while I think of it....those knitters among you, which circulars do you use?  I am finding the ones on my shawl hard to work with as the stitches always get caught in the join from flex to needle.  I was looking at those circulars with inter-changeable heads and wondered if the same thing happened?

Your thoughts very much appreciated!


  1. Maybe this year I should learn to knit! Your shawl looks lovely.
    Hope the fresh air helps you out this afternoon.

  2. The purple in your shawl looks almost velvety! Very pretty! I hope you feel better soon. Seems like when you have littles they are always bringing home the latest and greatest bugs. Ugh.

  3. Oh Faith, I hope you feel better soon. It's so annoying when knitting goes wrong!

  4. Love your colour choice!!!! (Are you on Instagram? If you are and tag your pics with #sssknitalong, they'll come out in the photo collages)

    Hope you are back on form in no time, in the meantime, this is a pretty relaxing knit so maybe it'll be helpful to relax?

  5. The shawl looks great so far! Feel better.

  6. cute shawl! feel better soon!

  7. Your shawl is looking lovely. Really pretty colours.
    I hope your feeling better soon, children are so good at sharing the things we don't want them too!!!

  8. Lovely colours for your shawl. I've had good success with Addi circs but I'm by no means an expert. Take it easy, feel better and knit what you love!

  9. I do love that lavender and rainbow-y combination (I think I said that last time).

    Hope your collywobbles are soon gone! It seems a shame you had to cook when you can't eat it yourself.

    I have the Denise Interchangeable needle set (gift from a generous nephew). There's no problem with catching anywhere - the only thing that bothers me about them is that the cables never seem to relax. They're a bit stiff, and keep their kinks from the carrying case. Perhaps if I knitted more, or stored the cables flat, they might soften up a bit. Otherwise I like the set very much. The needles are plastic, which I know not everyone likes, but it's not a problem for me.

  10. Oh your poor thing - hope you're feeling better soon. Although being under the weather is a fabulous excuse to knit and crochet!!


  11. Hello Faith...Ooh, I hope you are feeling much better this morning!
    Your WIP's look lovely..I love the colours in both projects...
    Have you tried the KnitPro Symfonie Wood circular needles?...I don't have the interchangeab;e style but I find these really wonderful to work with and there are metal versions too...
    Hope you have a good week,
    Susan x

  12. Oh no Faith, I hope the bug leaves soon, nothing worse than everyone being ill and then you getting it yourself.
    I love the colours in your Study shawl, its wonderful and your doing a fantastic job on it. Me for circulars and for DPN's and just plain needles I just Knit Pro, they are my favourite of all my needles. I really can't to metal at all as the click clack drives me crackers lol.

  13. Are you better yet Faith? I hope so... hopefully the littlies have gone back to school and you are there with your feet up knitting that beautiful shawl today (Monday), hugs, Jill x

  14. Ps: which circulars are you using that are bumpy?

  15. Hey Faith, love the yarn for the shawl so pretty......well done on persevering with it.
    It will be well worth it in the end.....
    I'm sure we all have a number of WIP's and UFO's stashed away in our cupboards.

    Sorry to hear you've been unwell, not sure how you could even manage to cook a roast while ill. Still, I am sure your family were very thankful for your efforts. Hope you didn't have to clean the kitchen up afterwards!

    A good dose of fresh air and sunshine sounds like just the ticket. Hope you are feeling better ASAP.

    Claire :}

  16. Your Stripe Study is looking great ... sorry to hear about the sickness that has befallen your household but I hope you're better soon. As for what circulars I like, I have all kinds but have recently decided that I do love Addi Turbo and/or nickel needles.

  17. Hi Faith. Love the colours in the knitting. Seems quite difficult to do? Thanks for the positive comments that you left on my blog. It really helps!!

  18. Gorgeous, all so lovely. Can't wait to see the shawl finished!!!!


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